We encourage young people and adults to develop their intelectual, emotional and spiritual potential thanks to non-formal education.

Association “Wide Eyes Open” was established in 2011. Its aim is to promote the employment and social promotion of disadvantaged youth by participating in international projects. Through informal education we get new knowledge, gain new inspirations, share good practices with our partners, share our experience. We promote our country and the European integration.
With the development of our activities we have begun to focus on issues related to social responsibility and sustainable development. The area of ​​CSR that we are particularly close to concerns human rights promotion. Our priorities are – promoting tolerance, fighting racism and xenophobia, empowering women, helping people affected by disability, disadvantaged people and the elderly. We also care for the environment, organize charity events for elderly people from the Social Welfare Houses, we promote a healthy lifestyle. We are engaged in the social life of our region, we support and participate in local initiatives organized by NGOs and local government. We cooperate permanently with the local welfare and children’s home  “Dobra Chata” and other Nursery and Educational Centers. Our activities also target local businesses by promoting employee volunteering and encouraging collaboration with NGOs.

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